Best Dress

by Collette Savard

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This is singer-songwriter Collette Savard's third independent release. It was recorded in a small Toronto church mostly* live off the floor. (Rhythm section, John on one of many stringed instruments and Collette playing and singing, soloist and a few other overdubs were added later) Produced by John Zytaruk it features some great players including former Blue Rodeo keyboardist Bob Wiseman on piano and organ. The album showcases Collette's writing which with the aid of her sensually powerful voice transport the listener into her sincere and emotional world.


released April 21, 2012

Collette Savard: vocals acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimer, ukulele

John Zytaruk: dobro, mandolin, lap-steel, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric baritone guitar, hammered dulcimer, percussion and back-vocals

Brian Kobayakawa: acoustic and electric bass

Adam Warner: drums and percussion

Bob Wiseman: organ and piano

Saskia Tomkins: violin

Steve McNie: cello and accordian

produced and mixed by John Zytaruk

mastered by Peter Moore (The E-Room)

all songs written by Collette Savard



all rights reserved


Collette Savard Toronto, Ontario

Take one part country-roots, one part catchy melody-driven pop, add in some thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics and a heap of artistic spice and voila: Collette Savard! Her reputation as a highly entertaining performer is based on her exceptional voice, engaging song-writing and the unique chemistry with partner multi-instrumentalist John Zytaruk. ... more

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Track Name: Nicer Things
Underground again

Waiting for the train

To take me to a place

That I don’t want to keep going to

Again and again

Again and again

I used to kick and scream

Saying what does it all mean

Yelling indignation

Spewing my frustration

‘til I ran out of steam

I ran out of steam

I want to live out in the country

I guess that someday I will go

I only tell you to remind me

There’s nicer things that I know

Come this time of year

It happens every time

Darkness comes and swallows up the daylight

And I start to lose my mind

I start to lose my mind

I want to learn to play piano

Someday I hope I find the time

I only tell you so that other things

Might not weigh upon my mind

How fast it seems to go

This train down here below

Whishhh and it goes past

Not a minute does it last

But then a year or two or three has gone

A year or three has gone

I want to live out in the country

I guess that someday I will go

I only tell you to remind me

There’s nicer things that I know
Track Name: Thousands Of Days
Thousands of days ago, how was I supposed to know

That you walking away, would leave me alone, for thousands of days

Thousands of days from here, I walk on though I fear

I’ll be alone, though I pray, for thousands more days

I can’t sleep all by myself

But I can’t seem to find nobody else

Thousands of days ago I should have planned for the snow

I should have stored love away for these cold thousands of days

Now I shiver in the storm, there’s no one to keep me warm

There’s nobody here to say, you’ll make it through these thousands of days

I can’t sleep all by myself

But I can’t seem to find nobody else

I don’t know how many more I can take

Of these thousands of nights I lie awake

Thousands of days ago, I was younger I didn’t know

That just to give my love away, I’d have wait for thousands and thousands and

Thousands of days ago, I was full of joy and hope

Now in bitterness I wait for thousands of days
Track Name: I Still Do
I used to write songs about

Making love in the summer light

I used to write songs about

How you make me feel safe at night

It’s true, I still do

I used to write pretty cards

Smelled of roses and the I’s had hearts

I used to like dancing slow

In the living room by the TV’s glow

With you, I still do

When you stole my heart

I flew up to the clouds

Though we’ve come so far

I can’t get down

I can’t get down

We used to fight, not so nice

Screaming, yelling ‘til the morning light

In the quiet of the night

You told me everything would be alright

It’s true, I still do, love you

Track Name: Holy Water
Time you're a friend of mine
I once was blind but now I see
Wine you're a friend of mine
Except for the time
I could not see

Holy water flows
From your head down to your toes

Friend you're a child of mine
I'm going to spend some time
To make your flower grow
Shine! I'm going to drink this wine
Like weeds entwined
The seeds I'll sow

Holy water flows
From me into you and off it goes

Divine you were almost mine
I watched you pass by
I don't know where you go
But there's time to sit and drink this wine
Sometimes to be blind
Sometimes to know

Holy water flows
Like air we breath and wind that blows
Holy water flows
From you me into you and off it goes
Track Name: Mischievious Eyes
What can you do when the end of the day arrives

And you find that you've got nothing but the night

Sleep sweet child, only for a while

Wake before you've gone and lost the fight

Tempted you didn't take my advice

You swallowed it down not thinking twice

She was a dream

You floated down her stream

'til her warmth turned into fire

And consumed your life

Oh oh mischievous eyes

Oh oh you're telling lies

You've got a crooked school child grin

But it's trouble that you're in

Live or die there is no compromise

Oh oh mischievious eyes

The focus of the lens got too sharp

The blurry little pictures came to life

What happened to what we thought we knew

Hurt came into view, joy faded out

Track Name: Best Dress
I’ll put on my best dress and a brand new pair of shoes

I’ll hide the bones back on the shelf

I’ll fool all of you

Oh me Oh my how she shines

Oh me Oh my like a sparkling diamond

I’ll put on my best dress the one that you choose

I’ll smile and sing and all the rest

I am just your fool

Oh me oh my there's envy in your gaze

The grass is green on the other side

Can't you see I have no shade

Maybe it’s all a lie tormented as I am

Maybe you are weary too

That, I understand

I’ll put on my best dress you can wears yours too

We’ll laugh and sing and wink one eye

We are all just fools
Track Name: Are You Coming Along
You say stop but I can’t slow down

Life moves too fast to look behind you

I know we’ve been moving, we’ve been moving along

But I can’t carry on with this weight on my shoulder

They say to be free you must leap so

What are you afraid of?

You know what they say’s often true so

I’m asking you

Are you coming along with me?

Two thousand five hundred fifty-five days is the time it takes to come to your senses

Your worry baby is taking up space so throw it over board

The boat will go faster

We’re all out to sea can’t you see

We can’t control it

Fate keeps us safe or we drown

There’s no way around it

So are you come along

I hate to leave you alone

Are you coming along with me

You know we’ve been dragging our feet on the ground

The clock is ticking we must go now

What are we missing while spend our time

To add all the figures and dot all the I’s

There’s no time but now

Darling please take my hand

We’ll figure it out

In time you’ll see there’s no way out

Are you coming along? Are you coming along? Are you coming along with me?
Track Name: Blue Minor
The sky is gray the snow has turned brown

A train in the distance plays a high mournful sound

So blue ooh ooh ...

It’s been a while now that you’ve been gone

I see no signs that I’m moving on

From you ooh ...

Such a shame what has happened to me

All my songs in a minor key

My friend told me the other day

No use hanging on hun to a love that was never true ooh...

But I can’t let go of the plans that we made

You found another

What am I supposed to do ooh...

Your memory won’t let me be

All my songs in a minor key

C is the people’s key

D needs a harmony

All it seems that’s left for me

Are broken dreams and minor keys

The sky is gray the snow has turned brown

A train in the distance plays a high mournful sound so blue, ooh ooh
Track Name: Melancholy Girl
Melancholy girl your head is always down

Your walking in the leaves cracklin' on the ground

The streets are gray, you’ll walk them anyway

Melancholy girl

Melancholy eyes seem to always be searching

No matter what disguise you’re perpetually rehearsing

Nothing more to say, you’ll always get your way

Melancholy girl

Life is sweet and bitter too

Life is just like you

Melancholy girl

Melancholy girl your heart is always breaking

Your trying hard to smile but the world is always taking

Believe it’s true, there’s no one quite like you

Melancholy Girl

Life is sweet and bitter too

Life is just like you

Melancholy girl
Track Name: Cerf-Volant
Comment pourais-je te perdre

Quand tu vies en dedant

Mais les mots sont comme des feuilles

Libre dans le vent, le vent

Tu habites mes reves

Dans mes chansons d'enfants

A La Claire Fontaine

Acarelle couleurs fondants, fondant

Que tu es si belle mon cerf-volant

Je tien a ta ficelle mais tu flottes si loin de moi

Jolie hirlondelle

Perle de mer si blanc

Tu chantes maintenant c'est vrai

Mais resteras-tu longtemps, longtemps

Resteras-tu longtemps
Track Name: Blue Church Road
Where are you going can I come along

I’ll take your hand we’ll walk down Blue Church Road

I don’t know about that look in your eyes

But I am hypnotized

Please don’t you tell them that we came this far

We can pretend they don’t exist at all

Lay on the ground, listening to the sound

Of the wind in the trees

On Blue Church Road

How long before the secrets show

How many seeds can the devil sow

If they are lost will we find our souls

Down on Blue Church Road

Where are you going can I come along

Said the scorpion to the frog

I don’t know about that look in your eyes

But I am hypnotized
Track Name: February
You're so cold and your so cruel

You keep me from my happiness

You lock me in and here I sit

Waiting for your winds to pass

February February

Must you play these tricks on me

Your light that sparkles in the morning

Doesn't shine throughout the day

You're icy hands they squeeze me tight

They make me shiver in the night

You freeze the lakes but not my tears

You make me wish I wasn't here

February February

Must you make me just like you

I am frozen and uncaring

You have made my lover go